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Re-establishing a VPN Connection

The VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the channel by which OpenKey communicates with your key server. The VPN is located on your key server.  

If this connection is down, guests will not be able to access their mobile keys.  They will receive an error message when trying to download the key saying "We are sorry. We are unable to create your key.  Please call the front desk for assistance.

In OpenKey HOST, you will see that the guest's device will be synced (green check mark under DEVICE SYNC) and "Key Server Requested" will show under STATUS. 


If the VPN is down, follow these steps to reconnect it:

1. On the key server computer, locate the Open VPN client icon in the task bar by clicking the up carrot and hovering over the icons until you see one that says "OpenVPN GUI."



2. Right-click on the icon and select CONNECT in the list of available options.


3. A popup will appear on the screen as the connection is established.


4. Once done this window will disappear and a popup will appear over the taskbar indicating that the connection has been made successfully.


5. Additionally, the VPN icon will then display a green color.


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