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How to send an ETA?

All “Registered Users” of the OpenKey app has the privilege to utilize this feature and truly skip the front desk whenever and wherever they go for a stay at any OpenKey property.

A registered user can login to their OpenKey app, then navigate to search hotels. Here, the user can type the name of the property itself and see if it is live with OpenKey. A guest is also able to type the name of the city or state, hotel brand name and see what properties are live with OpenKey.

Please follow these steps to send an ETA:

Step 1: Login to your OpenKey app with your registered credentials

Step 2: Search and select the property where you want to stay

Step 3: Now, simply select the date and time of arrival at the property

Step 4: This step is only applicable to the first time “Registered Users” - Here the user is required to scan in               a form of their identification usually a “Driver’s License” or a “Passport”.

Step 5: Click “Send ETA”.  

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