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Troubleshooting for Android devices

If you are having any issues with your android OpenKey app, please uninstall the app and re-install it again. However, with an Android device there are certain steps which need to be followed for the uninstall process.

Please refer to the following steps while performing the uninstall process:

  •      Go to “Settings” on your android device
  •      Navigate to “Apps/Applications” and then to “Applications Manager”

(Note: Not all Android devices have “applications manager” and in that case, you just need to navigate to “Apps/Applications” and click it to open)

  •      Locate the “OpenKey” app
  •      Here, the FIRST thing you have to do is “clear cache” and then “clear data” of the app. Please make sure you perform this step as mentioned by clearing the cache first and then clearing the data

(Note: ‘Clear cache’ and ‘clear data’ options are sometimes hidden under the “Storage” tab. So after locating the app, you have to click “storage” and then perform this step)

  •      After clearing the cache and data, click “Uninstall” and this will uninstall the app from your android device
  •      Once you are done with the uninstall process, navigate to the “Android Play Store” and re-download the app and install again

If you are still having issues after this troubleshoot, please contact the “Front Desk” or Contact Openkey Support at 877.800.2008. 

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