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What notifications does OpenKey push to mobile devices?

OpenKey utilizes this feature to alert its guests about anything related to their stay at the hotel. These notifications include:


When a guest is added to the OpenKey platform:

  • PUSH NOTIFICATION (if they have the app downloaded): Hi [name], A new mobile key is waiting for you at [hotel]. Download Now!
  • TEXT MESSAGE: Hello [name] a mobile key is waiting for you at [hotel]. Download app here [link to app]

When a guests requests a verification code (FIRST TIME USERS ONLY):

  • TEXT MESSAGE: [Number] is your OpenKey Verification Code

When they get a key to the room:

  • PUSH NOTIFICATION: Hi [name], you have access to room [room number]

When a change has been made (room change, updated check-out date, adding a guest, etc):

  • PUSH NOTIFICATION: Hi [name], Your mobile key has been updated

When they check out or their key expires:

  • PUSH NOTIFICATION: Hi [name], Your mobile key has expired

When a member of management sets up an announcement that notifies all current guests with active mobile keys:

  • PUSH NOTIFICATION: New announcement, [Hotel] added a new announcement



NOTE: Users must enable/accept notifications from OpenKey in order to receive their key and notifications. 

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