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Adding new users in OpenKey HOST

Only Manager- and Owner-level users can add new users in OpenKey HOST.  PLEASE NOTE: No OpenKey team member can add or edit a user without written permission from a known hotel manager. 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click HOTEL on the left side of the page.
  3. Scroll down until you can select USERS.
  4. Click ADD NEW USER.Screen_Shot_2019-04-18_at_2.19.37_PM.png
  5. Search by the new email address.  If the user has been added to HOST before, their information will populate. If not, you will need to fill in the information.
  6. Screen_Shot_2019-04-18_at_2.21.25_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-04-18_at_2.21.36_PM.png 
  7. Select the appropriate role.Screen_Shot_2019-04-18_at_2.37.22_PM.png
  8. Click SUBMIT.

The user will receive an email with their first password along with the link to the login page.  It will come from  If the new user does not receive the email promptly, please ask them to check their Spam/Junk folder.  If they still don't see it, please contact your Client Success Manager for further assistance (  


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