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What if a guest wants to have both mobile key and the traditional key card?

This is a common request often faced by the receptionist at the frontdesk. A simple solution would be to issue the guest a ‘Mobile Key’ at first, make sure the guest has successfully downloaded the key on their device and then a receptionist can go ahead and simply issue the ‘Key Card’ as a joiner key to the guest’s room.

A receptionist should always make sure that the Mobile Key is issued at first as the main key and ONLY then the receptionist can issue a ‘Key Card” by making it a ‘JOINER KEY’ to the same booking. This step is of utmost importance because if the steps are not followed the mobile key will be overwritten by the keycard and thus be cancelled and will not work and vice-versa. In case of issuing the key card as main key and then issuing a mobile key as joiner key will result in the mobile key to not working.

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